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by the cornell douglas foundation, committed to encouraging stewardship of the environment. land conservation, watershed protection, and eliminating harmful chemicals. additional funding provided by: the colcom foundation, the wallace genetic foundation. the er rhodes and leona carpenter foundation and by the charles afruoff foundation. kroar clear >> major funding for "second opinion" is provided by the blue cross and blue shield association, an association of independent, locally operated, and community-based blue cross and blue shield companies. for more than 80 years, blue cross and blue shield companies have offered health care coverage in every zip code across the country and supported programs that improve the health and wellness of individual members and their communities. the blue cross and blue shield association's mission is to make affordable health care available to all americans. news about our innovations is online at and on twitter, @bcbsassociation. >> "second opinion" is produced in association with the university of rochester medical center, rochester, new york. >>
statement of faith. and it's within that environment we're all in agreement of what we believe, that we're training our boys and teaching them to honor god and to be, as you say, "morally straight." and that would be incompatible with this change in scouting. we could not continue our relationship with them. >> reporter: to pascal tessier, the concerns makes no sense. >> sexuality does not have a place in scouts. it's about having good morals and be able to be a good person. so i think that bringing sexuality into it doesn't have any effect. your sexuality doesn't affect your morals. >> reporter: and some supporters of admitting gay scouts say the policy change doesn't go far enough. the boy scouts have drawn the line at 18, still refusing to accept gay adults as scout leaders. >> i think the issue of trying to intellectually justify that being gay and being a scout is fine, but being gay and being a leader is not fine is an odd one, because on some level you're training scouts to be leaders, and so if you're training gay scouts to be presumably gay leaders, but then you don't want gay
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2